Let's have some fun here

I posted this over on ET, but nobody bit.

Take a book, movie or TV show title. Change one letter and ruin it. You may include a synopsis.

Lord of the Bings – Mr. Crosby clones himself
Robinson Carusoe – British sailors maroon a would-be opera star
Old Man and the Pea – An old fisherman thinks he is a princess

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12 Donkeys - Bruce Willis travels back in time to prevent a plague; however, stubborn mules stand in his way to success.

The Odd Testament - Chapters include the Gospel of Thomas and the Sayings of Bartholomew

The Holy Bile - Largely consisting of the Now Testament

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Star Bars - where the Jedi’s unwind after a hard day’s work.
The Last Banjo in Paris - I’m not sure there ever was one there.
Deadfool - it seems to be an improvement to me.
The Write Stuff - a movie commemorating American hero English majors?
Animal Spouse - wild and crazy things happen in a college fraternity.
Planet of the Grapes - wine drinkers paradise!

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The Prince’s Bride - Westley rescues Buttercup, whose secret “comes out”
2001 A Spice Odyssey - Dave takes a psychedelic trip
Dung - The house Atreides takes control of another crappy planet
Grouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - The heart of Shu Lien is won by the most sullen warrior

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The Profit by Kehlog Albran. An actual book. Satirical witticisms.
An excerpt of the Profit’s wisdom:

“There is no easy way to bathe a hummingbird”.

“Even the best of friends cannot attend each others’ funeral.”

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle if it is lightly greased.”

“The earth is like a grain of sand, only much heavier”

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I love it:
Anyone can amass a fortune if he struggles for only that. It is he who struggles to be poor and ends up wealthy with whom we should be annoyed.

Can I just say that I am annoyed at anyone who struggles to remain poor. And leave it at that.