Light Gauge Floor Load Rating

I have a two unequal spans (17 ft and 11 ft) continuous light gauge floor joists 16" on center and 16 GA.
The joists are: 1000 S 162 - 54
These are ceiling for an interior room inside a Pre-Eng Bldg. The height of room is less than height of Pre Eng Bldg ceiling.
I came up with 92 lbs/ sq ft. May I ask people with more experience with light gauge design can comment if this number sounds okay and not too off?


Sounds about right. Also check web crippling, it may be the controlling factor at the center support if they don’t have stiffeners. I end up almost always having to put them for multi-span joists. Check out the details on the first page below.…

Pretty much everyone is manufacturing to the same specs. The structural capacity is based on AISI standards so your 1000S162-54 joists should have the same strength regardless of the manufacturer. It could be possible that the yield strength of the steel varies but I’m pretty sure that’s standard as well, should be stamped on the joists (50ksi for 16 gauge and up). Clark Dietrich just happens to have good literature on their products so I just linked their stuff. If your doing light gauge design frequently I would highly recommend Simpsons CFS Designer program. Very cheap and simple to use, it’s like Woodworks Sizer for light gauge if you are familiar.…

Above is a snippet.