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There has been lots of discussion on harmonics and what they REALLY look like. So, many years ago, we made a crude demo where you can see what a single phase system looks like. Or a two phase system with 180 degrees and 90 degrees (Nicola Tesla’s original motor used that). Plus, of course, a three phase system. To keep things simple, we used harmonics with amplitudes inversely proportional to harmonic number. The result looks like this:

Now, this isn’t exactly “live”. I would like to drag the code in here. That would make it more interesting. How do I do that? Anyone?

Do you have a link to an online version?

Link to that three phase thing :cry:

Not so sure. I searched ‘’ and found it.

But my Winzip says I cannot use it (paid in november 2019 and next time will be november 2020) So, I got to get that fixed before I know. You may have better luck…

Skogsgurra, I’m happy and confused all at the same time.

If you have written a piece of software, and you post about it, and you have a website and you have it on your website then in my mind it LOGICALLY follows that you could provide a link to that software in your post so that others can enjoy. But you didn’t, and instead you made a vague reference to googling it. I had to figure out that you have a website and dig up the file for myself on it.

Is there a reason not to just give this link for everyone?

Anyway. Probably best to ignore my whining.

Program runs just fine on my Win 7 machine, and very interesting.

I’m glad you posted about it and I an enjoying using it. It comes a little late since I didn’t know about this 10 years ago (perhaps another reason for my snotty attitude right now) when I was trying to figure out 3-phase harmonics when I started building wind turbines using 3-phase motors and converting them into synchronous generators.

There are plenty of other programs on your website that I want to explore, too:

Why is this a secret?!?

SW, about SW.

I simply don’t know how to make it public. I wrote it in one of the early languages available back when PC:s had 640 kB of memory.
My son rewrote it and we refined it somewhat. But he isn’t available any more and my thinking was that it is a good illustration of some of the complications that seldom are mentioned in text-books. Like sum of phase currents, triplenes, what the resulting wave-form sounds like etcetera.

I am not a computer guy. I am working with the real world and do not know if the Trefas program can be run on someone else’s machine. If that is possible - it’s OK, or isn’t it?

As Trefas runs now, neither amplitude or phase of the harmonics can be changed. Only the presence of harmonic 2, 3 etcetera and phase configuration. If someone wants/can add such things, it would be great.

I haven’t done any changes to the home-page for many years. And it probably shows.

There you are. Inability. Simple as that.

You run it? OK. Have I missed something?

A number of years ago there was a kerfuffle over something similar posted on the other site.
Someone more obsessed with the rules than with the content objected to a link to a members own site as inappropriate.

I’m sure it’s perfectly appropriate here. The program that Skogs is talking about is educational - an animated visualization of harmonics in motors.
Download, install, run. Works in 2 minutes. No hiccups here. Give it a try.

I really would only expect you to provide a link to your website. Most people in your audience can do the rest. If what your saying means you don’t know how to do that, I can explain.

In your web browser, go to the page you want to share with everyone.
Click your mouse cursor in the address bar of the web browser.
Press CONTROL-C. That copies the test that is highlighted into the clipboard.
Now open the site like this one where you want to post.
Write your post. Before posting, put the cursor where the link will go.
Press Control-V. The link pastes into your post.
Post your post.
The world can see it.

I’ll do it again - with a timer; 12 seconds.

Just to forestall any other self-limiting statements you might make.
I have no problem reading your Swedish website.
Google Translate handles is efficiently.

Like this? Select and run it.

It’s working for me.
Thanks Gunnar.

Is WinZip a program with an annual fee? I’ve been using 7zip for years and no fee. I don’t know if it has all the features.


Yes, dik, it is. Next payment is in November this year.

I could unzip any file before I was lured into WinZip. But now, it looks like it is blocking any other program that I used for zip files before. I’ll try 7zip. Hope it overrides WinZip. Wish me luck!

Good Luck… it’s my default archive file… and never had an issue with it. It’s pretty solid.


Setting aside what some people do or don’t believe they SHOULD do…
Winzip can be used without paying, as long as you select the Evaluation version when you run it. There is no expiry to the evaluation, AFAIK.
If you want alternatives, 7zip works. You can also look up reviews of other file archive choices on

Thanks! Didn’t know that.
Still, if I pay to use it - which I did - shouldn’t it work at least as well as the evaluation version?
Not much time this week-end. I’ll try it Monday.