LT_Spice XVII - what is your experience?

I used the original (Berkely) SPICE almost from the beginning. It was available on an HP computer (with 110 Bd Teletype terminals) and it wasn’t exactly easy to use. Then, as more and more varieties appeared, I started to use it more often. And after Mike Engelhardt (Analog Devices) came with his LT_Spice XVII and introduced it on his World Tour 2018 - 2019, I have been using it more and more and slowly believe that it is more real than reality. At least, you can get more information out of it than you can easily get from a bread-board. Without risking losing the grey (or any color or fragrance) smoke.

I certainly miss quite a few power semiconductor models but you can very often get them if you ask the manufacturer. And more and more manufacturers include them in their data sheets.

Mike has been designing simulators for more than forty years. And it shows.

What is your experience with it? And what power thyristors/SCR:s have you ran?

Waiting eagerly for response.

Several years ago, I read a post on another forum, asking some questions about circuit simulations, and the recommendations led me to LTSPICE.

Here’s a little gate trigger sub-circuit:

Whenever I need to figure something out electronically, I reach for LTSpice every time.
I only use stuff I have in the basic download. I don’t know what 90% of it does.