Mailbox Post

Current mailbox post is coated steel, and, between the earth/air interface and the neighborhood dogs, severe corrosion is underway:

Yes, there is one 1/2” diameter hole all the way through the steel post at the earth/air interface.

Is there any technique that will save this mailbox post? Or, should I start fresh with a powder-coated cast aluminum mailbox post? Or, ???

If it’s already rotted right through at the bottom, it’s not worth saving.

Would Impressed Current Cathodic Protection mitigate the dog problem (don’t care: my dog’s a girl)?

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A PVC heavy-wall 6" sewer pipe would do just as well and never have a corrosion problem.

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Either a schedule 40, galvanized steel pipe (say, nominal 4" diameter) or lumber (perhaps, 4x4) treated for at least UC4A service (non-critical component in contact with ground) should look decent for 20+ years.

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I think a zinc anode would likely solve this problem. You can get them (~$15) at a boat supply store or on the web.

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Thanks for the ideas, folks!

I do have some restrictions though, by the dratted, all-powerful HOA. :angry: