Manufacturing time study for a small business


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I’m in a small quantity shop and been tasked with doing a time study. Most of the orders are small quantities of 2 to 100. They desire an incentive program where employees can earn up to an extra 20% of their wages per hour but they have to work for it. I’m supposed to do a time study on each station (about 20 to 25 stations) where they bend, drill, and form copper piping. Could I get any insight on how to do a good time study report and how to go about the actual study?


You are about to stick your head into a hungry lion’s mouth. Go get a copy of Time and Motion Study and read the book.

Doing a time study you need to determine the following items

the standard elements/operations of the process
the standard tools to do the process
the raw cycle times of the elements
the average cycle time of the elements
the ratings for skill, effort, and conditions
the allowance for personal, fatigue and delay (PF&D)

Setup is not normally a part of a standard due to the differences between the setups and the number of repetitions that can be timed. But it can be done.