Masonry Wall - Connecting new 8" cmu wall to existing 8" cmu wall

I have a project involving a one story, steel framed building with exterior 8" block walls (single wythe, no veneer). Open web roof joists frame to interior columns and beams, and bear on the exterior block walls on the northern and southern face of the building (joists run from north to south).

A portion of the building will be demolished and removed, and a new 8" cmu wall will be installed at the southern face of the building. This wall will be the new exterior wall, and support existing roof joists (which will be cut and reinforced per the demolition process).

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice/lessons from experience for connecting this new block wall to the existing block wall (anchors to use, useful products, things to watch for)? The two walls will connect at the building corners.

I’m planning to reinforce the new cmu wall at 24" on center, but I’m unaware of the reinforcement in the existing block walls to remain (no existing drawings available).

Thank you for any feedback you can provide.


Put control joints in at those locations.

Above is a snippet.

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