Masonry Wind Loads

I have a masonry wall that is 20’ high x 30’ long (no openings), when sizing the wall reinforcing for wind loads (I am using the Components and Cladding requirements) do you use the full area of the wall (600 ft^2) or do you use the tributary area to each bar (say @40 in oc or 66ft^2). I have had some pretty lively discussions with other engineers in the office and was wondering what other people think. I am referencing ASCE 7.
Just so that I am clear. This question refers to the sizing of the reinforcing in a masonry wall due to wind normal to the wall. If you have bars spaced at 32 in o.c. what area do you use when entering the Components and Cladding charts of ASCE 7? Is the area based off the entire wall? Or is the area based off the bar spacing times the height of the wall?


I would use the effective wind area definition from ASCE7, that is the effective width need not be less than one-third of the span. In your case A = 20 x 20/3 = 133 sq. ft.

Above is a snippet.

Provision for wind load on masonry is different in Canada, but the OP is referencing ASCE7, so i won’t comment here as I am not familiar with that code.