Metal marker

Looking for some recommended pencils\pens\markers that will hold up from oil, dirt and other stuff when marking up carbon steel to be cut with either with an Oxy\Act torch or just a cutting wheel. If a bright color is available that beneficial for me.

Paint pens I have used in the past but they either make a mess or the tip falls out. I prefer not to use those.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Yes, soapstone markers work like chalk and are sold at welding supply stores. They are white and the marks are not affected by the heat of welding and torch cutting.

So I got online and looked around and found some options markel makes some silver and red pencils and another silver streak reloadable pencil also found a Revmark Quick Draw marker which is more like a paint marker So far I think the pencils the red and silver pencil silver streaks are the best, in addition they are crisp. Good news is none of them wipe off or rub off like soapstone can.

Thanks for the suggestions but ithink iwill stick with Markels red-riter/silver streak pencils.

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