Mid-Twentieth Century Bridge Constuction

My father worked for a regional bridge construction company. This is a project photo from his files of their jobs.

There is work going on in this photo which has not been seen in the USA in many decades. As part of a DOT contract, the bridge contractor is forming and pouring his own reinforced (not prestressed) concrete piles for driving on the project.:

“A” shows completed octagonal reinforced concrete piling:

“B” (below) shows concrete placement underway for three piling. Note the worker by the crane, with the concrete bucket. He is ready to receive concrete from a mixer truck, then the crane will lift the filled bucket to the work area:

“C” (below) shows a “jig” for assembly of the rebar cage used in each pile. Note the pile of rebar next to the jig:


Interesting photos and description @SlideRuleEra

Yes, very interesting. It makes me wonder, which bridge is it? And, have I ever crossed it? Lots of bridges in Carteret County!

@bootlegend @Latexman Thank you.

Latexman - That bridge is most likely in, or near Morehead City… if it has not been replaced. The company did a lot of work there in the late 1950s & early 1960s. The bridge will probably be fairly good size (long), and definitely over water.
Have you ever eaten at the “Sanitary Seafood Market”?

I’ve never dined there but I heard about it from my wife and kids. It seems there was one grade at our school where everyone in that grade went on a “field trip” to Morehead City. The wife was a chaperone. Anyway, a meal at Sanitary was part of the field trip.

I’ve been a couple of times, but not recently. Remember the meals as being outstanding.

I have been to the original* Calabash Seafood Restaurant by the docks, where plates are mounded with delicious seafood at a reasonable price. Yum, yum! Have you eaten there? If not, I highly recommend it.

*Of course EVERY restaurant in Calabash claims to be the original. :rofl:

Haven’t been to the Calabash / Little River region too much, just passing through from time to time. We tend to stay south of the Myrtle Beach area because of so much traffic congestion there.

A couple of my (New York) cousins are staying at Topsail Beach this summer; same time we will be at Pawleys Island. Am looking for a restaurant to meet them for lunch that is between the two beaches… Calabash could be a possibility, will look into it. Thanks.

Know what you mean about restaurants that are “the original”. Our area is full of pork barbecue places that all claim be “The Original Duke’s”. I was casually acquainted with the Mr. Earl Dukes in the 1970’s who made renowned barbecue… and founded several different restaurants. I suppose that means there is a nugget of truth to the claims.

@ Sliderule: Wasn’t that a picture of you standing on the bridge looking at the dog in his car in the video of Galloping Gertie? :rofl:

@MSQUARED48 Yep, that’s me… remember the day well, very windy. Recall thinking it’s a good thing I don’t get motion sick.


It’s been a long time since I saw a “Cat” without a ROPS canopy. Even longer since I worked a shift on one.

This is what my ride looked like.