Mine Dewatering Pump

I need to de-water two abandoned mines and I am looking for recommendations on submersible pump sizes (kW, flow, head), brands, etc.


This looks relatively straight forward. It looks like you are dealing with only 100 metres discharge head. Check out the www.Flygt.com catalog - especially the 58HP and 140HP models. However, you have to determine how you intend relocating the pumps as the water level drops. There are also major safety concerns if any of the stopes have been backfilled. You don’t want to be relocating a 140HP unit twice a week.

What is the anticipated ground water inflow during dewatering ?? Do you have discharge lines in place?? What is the chemical composition of the water?? Acidic?? Contaminated with Zn or Cu etc???

If you don’t have answers to these questions, you are not ready to start selecting pumps.

Above is a snippet.