Minimize NDT for EN13445 Vessel

We need to manufacture a filter (pressure) vessels but want to prevent/skip RT, due to cost impact.
Design pressure 6 bar, volume vessel 280 liter, hazardous fluids. location Europe so PED, cat1, result in minimum Module A. I would like to go for EN13445 as code.
How can I design and manufacture this housings without the need of RT.

Any advice? Or better to use other design codes?


ironic metallurgist
Your purchase order will normally tie you down to one single Code. It sounds like your estimator missed a trick or did not read the PO. Fishing around for a ‘cheaper’ Code to ‘skip’ inspections sounds like a very suspect approach.

My advice is to follow all the rules - even when the fluids are not hazardous.

Above is a snippet.