Multi-line parameters for region repetition tables

we have been using Pro/E WF2 for 1 year and we’d like to know how to add a parameter with multi-line text to be included in a table with region repetition feature. Let me explain with more accuracy:

Let’s say we have a .prt named JB.prt, then we put this .prt file in an assembly with a table and BOM balloons. We’d like to create a table as follows:

Item | Name | Description
1     | JB   | Junction Box
      |      | Manufacturer : XX
 2    | Body | ....

And so on.

It would be nice to create a string parameter called “Description” to be put in the table with a pointer (for example &asm.mbr.DESCRIPTION) for our auto-filling table.
The problem I found is that the parameter can be only a string with a single line and not a multi-line text.

Is there anything that could satisfy our request?


You might not be able to create a multiline parameter, but there is nothing to stop you from putting 2 parameters in the repeat region on separate lines.
To be able to do that, you will need to highlight the cell, right-click & select Properties. You will then be able to add the second parameter on a new line.

Above is a snippet.

robertib, thank you for your thoughtfulness in providing a solution work-around for their situation.