Next chapter

My official date is August 31st, but I choose to leave work yesterday. As of June, I have been working or in college full time. As of July, I had 22 years at the shipyard. As of August 4th, I turned 68. I gladly helped everyone, but never suffered fools willingly, at the end of the day everyone I worked with that was there walked out with me. One that couldn’t be there came by the house tonight. As a retired Naval officer, I always strove to do my best and pushed others to do their best. The loyal following and tributes from section heads at Naval Sea Systems Command down to first year engineers was humbling.

Going to take some time and consider part time consulting later on. Right now there are fish to be caught, flies to be tied, targets to shoot, cartridges to reload, a hobbyist blacksmith shop to set up. My wife makes Styrofoam ornaments and is getting ready to make Halloween ones. After some thought I just tied her a spider fly pin to top the ornament off. And the state is widening the highway near our house. I will avoid the construction delays but the little kid in me can go watch the trackhoes, bulldozers, graders, pavers …

I think I’m going to like this next phase.

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Congratulations @TheBlacksmith !!!

I look forward to the day I do the same thing, maybe late 2022/early 2023.

I “retired” to Thailand in 2001 at 60, did some part time teaching and remarried. returned to Aust. end of 2007 so the wife could complete a PhD in education, during this time I could retire officially at 65, qualify for a pension, sired a son and returned to Thailand at the end of 2010, built a house have been flat out ever since raising my boy - certainly enjoyable as I missed out on a lot in my prior marriage due to work and travel commitments.

So good luck in retirement, enjoy the challenges, keep busy and active to the point where you wonder how you will fit everything needed to be done into your day.

A satisfying end - well done!
You sound like one of those folks who retires - and then find themselves even busier than before!

Don’t know about busier, but certainly have my skates on most days.