NX 11 Promote Bodies

As much as I’ve read about the “promote body” feature, you’d think I would know exactly what it is REALLY doing a little better. When I add a “sub-assembly” that is comprised of a promoted body into a next level assembly, i’m getting some strange happenings. If I misplace constraints when bringing the promoted body into the next level assembly and delete the sub-assembly part for a “do-over” and the associated constraints that I made in error along with it, it breaks the link. Yikes! Undo!

Is there something I’m missing with how promoted bodies work that would break the link when the part is deleted (more like removed) from a next level assembly? The base body for the promoted part is a fairly simple casting, and the assembly containing the base body (which is then promoted) has a couple of machined feature extrudes and a revolved cut. So, the structure for this looks like:

P/N 001 - Cast Body Part
P/N 002 - Machined Body Assembly (Added P/N 001, promoted the solid body, then machined some features)
P/N 003 - Top Level Assembly (Several other parts, and then add 2 ea of P/N 002)

Could the issue be that i’m adding multiple instances of P/N 002?


Dave K
When you remove 002, are you really selecting it? Or, are you getting 001, and you just think you got 002? I’ve done that before, and accidentally removed 001 from 002, so 002 breaks. NX likes to grab the promote donor, more than the promoted file, in my experience.

Above is a snippet.