NX12 Performance


Has anyone noticed that NX12 seems to be slower when performing simple tasks? Things like using the undo function seems to take more time than it should, even on simple models. I’ve just had an assembly where I performed a “show only” command on component and NX12 took an age to complete the command. I’ve noticed that even just opening menus isn’t as quick as it used to be in earlier versions.


Not NX12 in particular, i have noted and grieved that NX has commands which have , over the versions , become ridiculously slow.
Drafting in particular has a number of “grinding” features, to mention a few
Note Label, takes looong time to show that dialog.
"Rapid dimensions " the dialog is not rapid.
In Sketch, ( Modeling and Drafting) editing a automatic dimension such that it becomes a driving dimension,double click, edit value+Enter, no fun.

the worst part is that i don’t know what to do about it.
“Enhancement Request : please make the notes label dialog 2 seconds faster.” ?
I don’t think Siemens will spend much money on that enhancement.

Above is a snippet.