Oil Type for Chain Drive

I would like to the oil type that should be used for this type of chain drive, which is used in passenger boarding bridge Cabin part. They used to grease it before, and now it’s getting dirty and corroded.


The problem with lubricating this type of chain is to get the lubricant where it needs to function - the internal parts of the chain (pins, rollers etc…). This calls for a oil that has good creeping and penetrating properties to get it where you need it and also, because most of the relative movements that need lubrication only make small movements, for good adherence and anti-wear properties. You may also want to have good anti-corrosion properties to protect the exposed outside components of the chain. Finally, because excess lubricant may well drip off into the environment a biodegradable fluid is to be preferred.

Most modern chain lubricants nowadays are ester based and are available in a range of viscosities, Some contain a diluent that helps in getting it where you want it and then evaporates.

There are various lubricant suppliers that offer a range of specialised chain oils and you would be best served to contact them for advice on this specific application.

Another important aspect to consider is the way the lubricant is applied. incidentally it can be applied by a brush, but systems that supply a small amount of lubricant by spraying or brushing usually can prolong chain life considerably.

From the point of grease lubrication, a suitable grease might be a good water repellent grease with anti-corrosion additive, like for example a waterfree Ca grease or a Ca-sulphonate based complex grease. However, both greases will collect dirt over time.

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That is a pretty comprehensive reply by romke for that request.

The only thing I would add is, for such an exposed chain, corrosion is the killer before wear. Finding a specific lube for heavy duty outdoor use from one of those specialized suppliers is the best option. Plenty of options for exactly the right product for that chain.

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