Old Dog, New Trick

Have you ever been doing something incorrectly all your life? Apparently, I have.

Look at this: Dentist Reveals Common Oral Hygiene Mistake

It even has data to back it up.

The good news is, I haven’t had a cavity in 20-30 years, so I must be doing something right, just not doing it as correctly as I could have. As they say, there’s always room for improvement!

Maybe the problem was not you, but the instruction you were given was wrong.

Could be. It is really weird, after decades of wrong practice, not rinsing or not using my Listerine (the amber, old fashioned one) right after I brush!

I could be doing it wrong also. But I don’t brush, I just use a water-pick, and the Listerine knock off.
Likely not as good as brushing, but more acceptable to me (I would put off brushing in any way I could).

At some point I think each of us needs to balance what is acceptable and what is too much.
Like exercise.