Old Stat's Joke

That’s like the statistician who learned that the probability of there being a bomb on an aircraft was a million to one, and that there being two bombs on the aircraft was a hundred million to one… to make things safer, he always carried one with him.

Quote from Steven Wright:
82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Could be…


Was the complete quote;
“82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot, including this one.”,
or was that a waggish response?

WAG… wild *ssed guess?

hi hi
… … … …

S S S S ? Morse?


A physicist, a chemist, and a statistician went moose hunting.
When they saw a moose, the physicist shot first, but his shot was too far to the left and missed. Then the chemist was ready, took her shot, and missed, but this time on the right.
The statistician yelled "We hit it!"

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That got reformatted somehow.
It was supposed to be four dots, two dots, space, four dots, two dots.
Morse code for hi hi.
That was how ham radio operators expressed laughter a few generations ago.

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Heheehehehehhehehehe …- . …- . .- .- .-

back in scouts, I got up to aboui 50 wpm… my pop was up to 100… he spent time as a wireless operator during part of the last war. I knew vic eddy almost before I could walk…

Back in grade 11, as a project with the electronics club, we built oscillators. One of my classmates about a block away had one too. I found that if we made antennae and grounded the oscillator to the radiators (cast iron hot water system heat was comon) we could ‘talk’ to each other over our radios… worked great for about a month before the ‘guys’ came and took our toys away.