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I’m wondering what, if any, web-based calculators some people use and have confidence in for various data generation specific to CheE unit ops and processes.

I’ve used: to do some basic feasibility/exploratory designs, but I honestly don’t know the credibility of it (I’ve never been able to find much info on who or what organization runs that site). The equations and calculations all seem to be correct, but I’ve never used it enough or in a capacity that really warrants auditing the accuracy. I’ve never relied on it to spec out any units or anything like that, just to point me in a direction really.

I’ve used info from plenty of times, but its so broad and not really the same as what I’m talking about


I’ve been a process engineer in the same business area (latex) since 1988. So, I’ve pretty much got my tools, mostly spreadsheets, already perfected for our components and unit operations. looks VERY nice, but this is the first time I’ve been there. So, no, I don’t use many web-based calculators. Maybe I should. They do look very nice.


I’m a mechanical engineer but I only occasionally do bolted joints so I’ve found to be very useful when I need to check bolt strength.

Also for press fits I’ve used

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I have been using checalc too and find it very usefull!

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Bolt calculator is quite good… thanks.



Not an online calculator, but this article in this month’s ChemE Magazine defining “mixing index” and how to calculate it kind of interesting. I think it is pretty much only useful if you’ve got a known mixing system you can model to get its “mixing index” and then compare variables on a new system to the known one for “better” or “worse” determination (though they do try to define the index values qualitatively)

Liquid Mixing in Stirred Tanks

I was able to build a spreadsheet based on the articles equations though, and I think it works out correctly.