Opening Classification for a Screen Wall System With no Roof

We are designing a screen wall system to cover up some electrical equipment. We will have 12’ CMU walls on all four sides of the equipment…let’s just say no openings to keep it simple. However, there is no roof, and the top will be completely exposed.

What would you classify this as? My first thought is to simply say that it is “open”. However, per ASCE 7-10, this would technically be classified as “enclosed” as the conditions for open and partially enclosed are not met.

What do you think? Thanks for your help.


I would typically design a screenwall as a “solid sign”. I don’t remember the section offhand (it’s later in the wind sections of ASCE 7-10), but the building criteria (open, partially enclosed, etc…) wouldn’t apply in your case. Hope that helps.

Above is a snippet.