OSHA NYC Rooftop Door-Post Clearance

I have a rooftop platform which has steel posts going down to the roof (kind of a scaffold). The platform is over some bulkhead doors. I am trying to figure out the post locations and some of the posts are going to go right beside the door swing (It will not block the full door swing in any way). I was trying to figure out if OSHA has any clearance minimum regarding these type of situations but was unable to find something. Can someone please redirect me to the appropriate code if there is something for this situation.


I don’t know of any OSHA-related requirements for pull-side or push-side clearances around doors, but the building code definitely has clearances for accessibility.

It depends on several factors, but it’s basically 12" on the push side and 18" on the pull side for a straight on approach.


The above link has the door clearance info you might need. Areas deemed strictly for maintenance are not normally considered “accessible” routes, though I have had colleagues fight and lose that argument with local yokel code officials.

Above is a snippet.