Out shopping?

Where is everyone? Site has been dead the past few days…

At work. It’s quiet here. Half the people are making it a holiday week. I’m using my time wisely to count up my remaining vacation so I know what day in December is my last work day of the year. Looks like Dec. 16th!

I carry-over 5 days of vacation into the new year, because my company is French and one has to accumulate their vacation. Before we got bought out, on Jan. 1 of the new year I had 6 weeks vacation. That screwed up my retirement plan!

Just had a root canal this morning after another one last week. Second eye surgery for Glaucoma coming up too. Getting ready for a heart cathaterization late December or January.

Fun and games…

It’s all coming at you at once, huh? Sorry about that.

I’m on latanoprost and timolol maleate drops for pigment glacoma in my right eye. Did you have laser surgery? My Opthamologist has briefly mentioned a time or two that may be in my future. How was it?

My Dad had a quadruple by-pass at 62. Older brother had a triple by-pass at 62. I was 62 in June. :fearful:

I had a stress test in June. Dr. said come back in 5 years. :crossed_fingers:

Had the laser in both eye’s, but did not lower the pressure enough. Procedure was not a problem. Have to have both lenses replaced to create a larger space for the fluid to flow. One has been done…

Hopefully will not need a bypass, just possibly stints. We’ll see. A good friend is going in for a triple on Friday. I am going to be there…

Getting old is not for sissies!

On a positive note… being a bit of an optomist, It looks like he gave you at least 5 years…


Growing up is optional…


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I had cataracts removed about 6 months ago… nothing to it. Good luck with your surgery.


I was traveling to, in, and traveling from Calgary most of last week and I’ve been catching up with work this week.

End. Of. Semester. Chaos.

I’ve had the ups and downs of Lyme disease again and lots of holiday parties. Plus my sister had two extra rounds of chemo and they’re living with me while she treats so I can help them out. It’s been super busy.