P P Rolling Mills Mfg Co Pvt Ltd

Any opinions?

I have visited a steel plant in the Netherlands and know the guys quite well. This was a few years ago. The plant has now been acquired by Tata Steel.
I recently had a disussion regarding problems with a “largish” synchronous motor (16 000 kW @ 11 kV) and was prepared to visit the plant during my recent Grand Europe Tour in September this year. But there was a lot of formalities and I gave up. No visit to the steel mill.

I now get mails from the above mentioned company (P P etc) where they seem to be interested in my services (or instrumentation). I hesitate to open attachments from unknown companies. Hence my question about any opinions.


When I receive stuff that might not be nasty, I Google everything I can. PP Rolling Mills is in India, which makes sense if they have something to do with Tata Steel.

Expand the header of your email. You will see the route the email took to reach you. This ought to make some sort of sense. If if you are running Microsoft Windows, open a DOS window and test any URLs in your email with traceroute. If you are running Mac OS or GNU/Linux, you have traceroute.

A real person working for a legitimate company still could have a hacked computer.

Is the attachment some sort of Microsoft Office? Change the file extension to .zip. Load it into WinZIP, and load the XML files into NOTEPAD. Microsoft Office, and Open/Libre Office files are ZIP files containing XML files and attachments. An XML file in NOTEPAD should be harmless.


I googled the name of the person that sent the mail
It isn’t worth the paper it was written on (if you can say so about an e-mail). I prefer not to open the attachments.

################ the e-mail and the warnings I got ###########

Sanjana Vss-H.P.G Re: Fw: PO WSB-18027312 – PI Required

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From: "Sanjana Vss-H.P.G" <booking@vsspl.co>Date: 04 Nov 2020 04:14:00 -0800Subject: Re: Fw: PO#WSB-18027312 - PI Required


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Hi Mr.Nilesh,

Dear Sirs,

Enclosed are Allcomp’s two POs, WSB-18027311 & WSB-18027312

Please note that we would like to process (PO#WSB-18027312) first. So
that this could be received as it contains Urgent requirements

Also, please let us know the time slot for the second order-PO#
WSB-18027311 (P30) and the delivery schedule.

Waiting your quick response

Thank you,

Thanks & Regards