Passivated Per QQ-P-35C,type 11

Does anyone know the difference between Passivate Per QQ-P-35C,type 11 and Passivate Per QQ-P-35,type 11. I don’t have access to the specs but I’m sure the differences must be small.


I will assume you know that QQ-P-35C is Cancelled.

QQ-P-35C does not have Type 11.I, or Type 11, but does have Type II but no II.I or II.1.

QQ-P-35C was superseded by AMS-QQ-P-35A, but alas, AMS-QQ-P-35A has been cancelled, and superseded by AMS2700E, that also does not have a Type 11 or Type II, but does have Type 2.

In AMS-QQ-P-35A, if you wanted to use Type II, you now need to call-out AMS2700E Type 2.

In AMS2700 you can use Method 1 which is passivation in Nitric Acid, or Method 2 which is passivation in Citric Acid.

Above is a snippet.