Pets and the Animals We Love

After just a month of very rapid and unexpected health deterioration, we had to say goodbye to our extremely loving and affectionate cat of only 9 years, Luna, today.

So I thought it might be nice for members here to share some of their loved furry, scaly, and feathered friends and family.

I am hoping my other cat Kalo takes the loss of Luna well. Kalo has spent her entire life under the paw of the older, much smaller, but more imperious Luna.

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I took these this past autumn. My boys were very interested each day to see what was new.

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What an interesting variety of different species! :wink:

Nice pictures too.

I enjoyed that process a lot. This was the first year after several years of cultivating milkweed that I had a clutch of monarch caterpillars munching down on it. My milkweeds have been typically colonized by large milkweed bugs.

I went out almost every day to see how the caterpillars were doing. After they all grew and the last one vanished I went on a hunt to find a chrysalis. I ended up finding one hanging from the bottom of the picnic table. I don’t know that the butterfly in the picture is the one from the chrysalis, but it must have been newly hatched because it was still warming its wings in the sunlight when we found it. It was a cool experience for my sons to be able to see all of that.

I know I prefaced the thread for pets, but I figured I loved that experience enough to share it here too.