Pile Structural Capacity

Please recommend any good software to investigate the pile structural capacity.

I have to find out the static capacity of piles based on soil data and applied load. How to determine the structural capacities/strength of piles such as: axial, shear and flexure strength?


Find the capacity just like any other beam-column.

In everything worth calling soil, you can consider it braced continuously below grade, although in some cases it’s good to assume the top 0.5m of soil is not present.

One tricky part is that most concrete column interaction diagrams don’t include reinforcing less than 1% (because that’s a common minimum limit for above-grade columns), but that concrete drilled shafts or piles are often designed with as little as 0.5% reinforcing. Software can handle that just fine.

It’s not part of the question you asked, but worth mentioning since it’s often missed by young engineers – don’t forget that the shear and moment in the pile below grade can be larger than the applied shear and moment at the pile head.

Above is a snippet.

@Lomarandil, It is very kind of you to take your time to help younger engineers. Thank you.