Pipe Supports - Material Issue

I will be installing a horizontal section of 304H SS pipe in an outdoor, refinery environment. The plan is to weld a pipe shoe to the pipe and rest it on existing galvanized steel. However, I am concerned with galvanic corrosion.

What is the best approach?

  1. Make the pipe shoe of 304H and rest it directly on the existing galvanized steel?
  2. Make the pipe show out of another material that will not react with the galvanized steel? If so, this will require me to weld dissimilar metals together. If this is not a problem, do you have any suggestions on the material?
  3. Proceed with 304H pipe shoe, but put some type of insulating material between the two metals.
  4. Some other approach I have not thought of. Perhaps some of you have suggestions for this application.


A number of manufacturers (incl. Pipe Shields) make a polymer-faced slide plate you could bolt to the existing steel. They also make it as a guide or with limit tabs.

Above is a snippet.