Pipe Thickness

An error was made in purchasing. Pipe schedule 80 was specified, but 40 was delivered. Do we simply return, or is there another way to get around this problem? And no, shooting the procurement manager will not help. :blush:


If the calculated thickness was close to S40 then there is some fine tuning of the calculation you could do:

  1. Reduce corrosion allowance. Is the specified allowance really required? Do you have a long history in this service with little corrosion.
  2. Reduce manufactures tolerance. Measure the S40 pipe. I bet it is well within the 12.5% allowance.
  3. Review the how the design pressure was calculated. Is this conservative?

Above is a snippet.

KevinNZ, Thank you for offering a constructive helpful comment that did not involve shooting the procurement manager. :)

I have had good luck with pulling an HDPE liner through the Sched 40 pipe. The composite calculation puts the MAWP way over Sched 80 with about the same flow area.

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