Placement of Quantities Beside Callout Balloons

This question is about the placement of quantities beside callout balloons.
We are having this discussion in conjunction with the establishment of company drawing standards.
I personally prefer using “x2” positioned to the lower right of the balloon. My colleagues use either “2” or “2X”.
I am ok with either of the quantities using the “x” but, fear that a lone number could be left orphaned or that an orphaned number may be confused as a quantity.
I don’t think there is a definite directive in the ASME standards . Can anyone direct me to the appropriate standard ? What do you do at your company, and why?


In my company I struggle with such representation in assy drawings. I explain to designers that the main document for assembly purpose is BOM, but the drawing just illustrates how it looks like. I use an approach from another standard system where it is directly specified. When you start to analyze design in any case you will keep open both BOM and drawing. But in case of revision quantity pcl. will update only in BOM.

Above is a snippet.