Plant Explosion - Port Neches, TX

Explosion of a processing unit at the TPC Group facility in Port Neches, TX. 3 Injuries but no deaths attributed as of yet.

The material fueling the fire is purportedly butadiene.

Local News Link

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Thanks SS, I’m anxious to learn more as more details roll out.

I find it encouraging that although it seems accidents like this one are happening a bit too frequently, the casualty rates seem to be relatively low.

None of the news agencies has any comment about the environmental impact of the explosion.


I believe I recall seeing in one of the stories a statement from TPC Group mentioning they are monitoring the environmental impacts and warned of a potential chemical bloom.

Updated story: Local News Update

The situation is still ongoing, but they’ve already begun air monitoring and such. Their emergency response plan kicked in immediately which should have included as much containment/preemptive control actions possible once the risk to life and safety was minimized.

Thanks… great link… Dik