"Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook For Consumers"

As with any emerging industry, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have their own terms, abbreviations, and jargon. If you are just becoming familiar with this technology (either as a potential consumer or a more technical level), the attached booklet has decent explanations of the language used. It addresses the types of EVs and associated equipment (e.g., HEV, Parallel PHEV, Series PHEV, EVSE, SAE J1772).

Also general topics such as maintenance, safety, & battery life.

Charging… Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. Unfortunately, the booklet is somewhat dated (2015) for the quickly evolving technology, but for the most part is informative and relevant. One area that has changed much is Level 3 charging. Today it is much faster and the CHAdeMO connector is quickly being superseded by the CCS connector. Tesla has their own proprietary connector. Both charging speed and connector type have a huge impact for EVs used for long distance travel.
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook - US Dept of Energy - 2015.pdf (1.4 MB)