Poll - What is your Favorite Adult Beverage?

  • Beer, ale, hard cider.
  • Wine.
  • Spirits.
  • I do not drink alcoholic beverages.

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But with my Diabetes, not much at all. That does not mean, though, that I can’t dream.

Hard to choose. They’re all so darn good!

I voted for beer. I’m partial to Sam Adams’ products. I like trying the many seasonals! The variety cases and half cases give you four types, so it doesn’t get repetitive.

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I voted for the beer,ale, hard cider category, but I do like some spirits as well. I was fortunate recently to have a free day while at a job site. Just a short drive to tour Buffalo Trace distillery and enjoy the free samples at the end of the tour. :grinning:

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Honestly, it depends on the day, but whisky tends to win.

“Just a short drive to tour Buffalo Trace distillery and enjoy the free samples at the end of the tour.”


I really do like a good IPA, and am fond of stouts as well. But whisky is more keto-friendly…

Let me rub it in… Samples were in order:

  1. Vodka room temp
  2. Vodka chilled
  3. Buffalo Trace bourbon
  4. Eagle…something (higher end bourbon)
  5. Bourbon Cream
  6. Bourbon Cream with root beer (think root bear float - yummy stuff)

I picked up a nice bottle of Four Roses, and some bourbon aged coffee beans from other distilleries on other times during that work trip.

I’m with SLTA on the whiskey. Partial to Jack Daniel’s but Jamison’s is good too. Not much on wine. Beer close second to whiskey. Don’t tell my cardiologist any of this

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Too late Ron… oh, and he told me that prefers Johnny Walker Black Label.

I’m very non-discriminatory that way, and voted once for each…

I flip-flop a lot between preferences. I think beer now because it is easy to have one with dinner and be done. I’ve discovered over the years that I intensely dislike being inebriated, so it is easier to not “overdo” it with beer than with liquor.

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