Pond Outlet Structure in HydroCAD

How to model a structure with an inlet pipe (submerged). A weir wall inside the structure with an orifice in it. A rim to the structure and an outlet pipe. Have any ideas about to go about doing that?


If I understand your description correctly I would model as follows:

Pond 1->outlet culvert(inlet pipe)->Pond 2(This is the structure using pond type “Catch Basin with insignificant storage”

Pond 2 is configured as follows (using made-up dimensions):

Routing Invert Outlet Devices

1 Primary 50.00 24" x 100’long Outlet pipe
2 Device 1 50.10 3.0" Vert.Orifice in Weir Wall
3 Device 1 52.00 2.0’x 2.0’ high Sharp Crested Rect. Weir
4 Device 1 55.00 48" Horiz. Structure Top (Rim)

Above is a snippet.