Possible clue to Lyme arthritis found in patients' inflamed joints

Hopefully, this is a key finding.

Researchers examining synovial fluid from those inflamed joints also found antibodies to the persisting molecules, called peptidoglycans, that come from the outer covering of the Lyme bacteria.

Interesting… and with climate change the tick’s on the move elsewhere.


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The species of borrelia Burgdorferi I have is probably not what invaded my body because they can change species to evade your immune system as well as antibiotics. They are quite sophisticated in their survival mechanisms and have been around longer than mankind.

Thankfully, it didn’t effect my joints. I hear from those it has that it is quite painful and I believe them based upon my experiences with the other stuff. It hit my digestive tract the hardest and I’m still working to get it straightened out. But, it is much, much better thanks to modern science and medicine.

And it’s all about detoxing your system to get rid of their biological waste. The same is true for mold mycotoxins. You need to keep your detox pathways open and working to get rid of their “sludge.” I encourage people to research detox methods, from reputable sources, and get started on some level just to keep your body humming. Their “sludge” can block your pathways and you’ll know it, at some point.

We just received confirmation my six year old son has Lyme’s. We had him tested after a flare up of an inflamed knee.

Of course this happens right when there is an acute shortage of the amoxicillin…hopefully we can get a supply for him though. I jus got word CVS is asking if the doctor can prescribe an alternative, so we’re currently waiting to hear from the doctor or pharmacy.

I had the classic bullseye rash in the summer. Never in my life have I been prescribed so much antibiotic for so long!

How is your son doing?

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Very good! Thank you for asking.

We did end up finding a supply of amoxicillin at another pharmacy. He’s been symptom free since the treatment, and the difference in his overall demeanor is obvious. He has more energy, is more excited and eager to do more things. He made the travel soccer team and is doing a STEM summer camp right now.

That is great to hear. Antibiotics make a huge difference. May he never have it again.

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I read an article that people are increasingly reporting allergic reactions to beef and other meats, after being tick-bitten, wonder if it’s the same allergens (Lyme)? It’s called Alpha-Gal syndrome (which sounds like it only happens to outgoing/dominant females, but it’s regarding a sugar molecule found in mammalian meat).

My Lyme doctor tested me for beef and pork, which is also a thing for many after Lyme disease. I didn’t have either of them, thankfully.

My food sensitivities seem to be caused by parasites in my gut. I called attention to treatment dating back to the Fall of 2017, which made my Lyme doctor think she’s not treating me long enough to eradicate roundworms. They can cause a lot of damage in the digestive system and elsewhere. I am ready to be done with them.

My protein level dropped to a new low recently, which was making me sick, very sick. After starting treatment for roundworms again, my protein level is in the normal range again.

Anyone with a tick bite needs to be treated for parasites because they carry them. They carry microscopic nematodes, which can get into the brain.

In my experience, it pays to be cautious and proactive.


Growing up we had ticks, but since moving here, we have lots of birds, I have not seen any, and not even on our dog. So I am thinking that the explosion in ticks happened because of the over hunting of birds.
The birds eat the ticks, and we don’t see very many.
Now if we could get the birds to eat more mosquitos…

Birds are big tick eaters. Possums are also a major tick predator that people tend to fend off rather than live alongside.

And possums rarely carry rabies because their body temperature is too low to support the virus. Let possums live!

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I grew up on the wet side of the Pacific NW mountains…generally no ticks survive our winters…and for most of my life growing up I never saw opossums, nor raccoons. Now they are everywhere. So are rabbits and deer.

A friend who grew up on a dirt farm in Oklahoma said it best: people are just not that hungry, i.e. unable to find food, anymore. Meaning, hungry people will harvest deer and rabbits, hungrier people will even eat opossum and raccoons if needed.

Probably healthier than what a lot of people do eat, these days.

I can’t disagree with that.

My wife complained about rabbits eating her flowers, so I offered to shoot them as a deterrent. She finally agreed, and I (and the 2 sons living at home) shot and ate a couple of them; used Julia Child’s rabbit ragout recipe, but used an instant pot (pressure cooker). Delicious.