PS beam with Temporary shoring

We have a light rail system being expanded in my area, with much of it elevated on cIP concrete T piers. Driving down I-5 today and saw one elevated section with a long center section of PY on temporary shoring, and two shorter PT sections, one at either end of the center section, with both short sections resting on the temporary shoring, and the other end on the T piers. Seems like they intend to create two splices, but with PT beams??? Seems odd to me. If I get a chance, I will take a couple of pictures and post them later. Ever seen this before? The length pier to pier did not seem that different than the other spans. I don’t think this was a casting bed limitation.

We’re talking about post tensioned, segmental box girders right? If so, splicing those is very common. I’ve typically seen the shear keys cast into the webs of the box girders that, along with the compression from the prestressing, create a version of a shear friction connection.

These are for two elevated light rail sections supported by concrete “T” shaped piers. Super long span, so I suspect will be post-tensioned in place after the initial pre-tensioning at the plant. Still sitting there on temporary supports after all this time which seems wierd. If I could take a picture from the I-5 Freeway, I would… Look like “I” sections to me, not box sections.