Question About Accelerometers

Does anyone know of a company/supplier in the U.K. that supplies 3 axis accelerometers that are wireless? Or even a bespoke unit that operates on radio telemetry?
Also a control unit is required which would be required to operate 2 trip signals when a set point is reached.
Every unit I have seen requires to be cabled but has anyone dealt with this kind of technology before?


What data do you need to transmit over the 1km? (ie the two trip points or analog data or serial data)
Because of the distance, I believe that you are looking at a spread spectrum solution. I have used Data-Linc radios on many occasions to transmit analog, discrete and serial data over distances up to 25km.
You will not find a (good) vibration monitor that can transmit up to 1km.

I would suggest that you;

  1. select the vibration hardware that best protects your equipment (ie GE Bently-Nevada, Metrix, etc)
  2. determine what data need to be transmitted
  3. select a radio system (ie Data-Linc)

Metrix units are generally less expensive, compared to GE-BN, and I have used a lot of these lately. The units that I have used are equipped with analog outputs, so you will need to supply an analog switch (Metrix offers these as well, or you can provide your own (ie Weidmuller, Phoenix, etc)

It really comes down to the criticality of the equipment and the cost of downtime, as to how much you are willing to spend.

Above is a snippet.