Radon remediation enough

I have a radon remediation system in my basement. The previous owners checked and it was present thus the system.

The basement slab is cracking now. Do those need to be caulked or will the system pull enough out to not worry about sealing cracks?

My neighbors are finishing their basement. The construction guys are having a radon company come in to seal the cracks in their slab as well as caulk around the perimeter of the basement and the around both sides of the bottom plate around the perimeter, too.

Is it necessary to seal everything like this to prevent radon exposure or is the remediation system enough? Will the efficiency of the radon system be decreased with cracks in the slab?

Thank you for the help!

Describe the remediation system please. Does it ventilate from underneath the basement slab to outside? I think that’s the most common type.

It is as you describe.

Yes, sealing the cracks will prevent basement air from being pulled down near the fan suction into the ventilated area (efficiency) under the slab, and will prevent radon from entering the basement (contamination) away from the fan suction.

Thank you for the help. Stay well!