Rafter Loading

A young coworker is studying for the PE exam and asked me for help with this problem. I did what I thought was correct in a few minutes only to find out my answer was not correct. Just curious what everyone else gets for an answer.


LL = 16 * 30/2 = 240
DL = 20 * 16 * 13/12 * 1/2 = 173 (assuming 20 plf per foot of sloping roof)

DL + LL = 413

Above is a snippet.

@BAretired, Nailed it! :)

Even if it is a stupid question, just answer the question, right?

I believe it was a poorly presented question for an exam. It would have been better if they had just said “DL” and left the arrows off. The arrow direction would be correct for a wind load but dead load is a gravity load, always acting down.

But yes, just answer the stupid question, right!

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Same answer… dumb question…