Rail-Structure Interaction for Horizontally Curved Decks

I am involved in a nonlinear rail-structure interaction (CWR) analysis for a horizontally curved transit bridge. The analysis that I am doing is as per UIC-774-3. I cannot find any clause on how to deal with interaction for acutely curved bridge decks. The curvature in my bridge is about 100m (almost L shaped). Can anybody please suggest any method for analysing this type of bridge for rail-structure interaction? Is there any standard that specifies something for track-structure interaction for curvatures?
The rails rest on concrete bed. There is no ballast. I have read in AASHTO code mentioning something about reduction in allowable stresses in the rail based on the radius of curvature. But it does not say anything about the concrete bed properties. Will there be any transverse concrete bed properties that need to be defined apart from the longitudinal nonlinear ones?


Of course transverse “bed” properties are required to properly distribute the forces to the bridge girders. It would be best to model this entire bridge with FEA including the longitudinal rails on adjacent spans/or approaches. Bearings orientation will require special attention as well.

Above is a snippet.