Razor Blades

I have one of these. Unfortunately by the time that it came into my possession I had long since stopped using the old carbon steel Gillette blades that it was meant for. Anyone else have a razor blade story?

I have a straight razor. It was my father-in-law’s. I’ve never used it - quite happy with the results from my padded 3-blade Gillette “safety” razors.

Me too, the “Mach 3”. That’s what I gave all my sons when it was time. We buy the refills at Costco and Walmart, wherever we get a good price. I don’t really try to use one as long as possible. I treat myself to a new refill every Monday. That eliminates having to go over the problem areas repeatedly, and the cuts from having to do so. I haven’t cut myself in ages! Always having a sharp razor saves time too.

Oh, I use “Edge” gel or one of it’s knock-offs. Love it. Slicker than eel slime.

I was such a perfect person for soo many years. Got out of bed fairly regularly. Shower and shaved every morning and all that.

Then my life became somewhat more hectic. So, I skipped shaving for some time. And got used to that vegetation. All I did was cutting upper lip free with a pair of scissors. Mostly because my wife told me to. She thought it was rather disgusting to see last days’ dinners several days after we had them.

I then decided to get back to the old babyface. That is when my old not-so-trustworthy Philishave gave in. Or rather got so lost and entangled that I had to cut myself free. The result was even less pleasing than before.

Wife rummaged the attic and found several cut-throat razors (the folding, banana shaped ones). Fine steel they were and I honed them to incredible sharpness. Using a leather belt and Autosol (some kind of stuff you use to make car bodies shine.

Not easy when you never used such things before. And no barber shops any more.

When cuts healed and there was no blood any more, I decided to forget about babyface. Instead, I now have a special little comb to clean food from beard and I am now rather well restored. At least, I can go to the tobacconist again.

At one time I collected straight razors after I received my grandfather’s straight razor after he passed. I still have a few and have used them a few times. I’m in the Mach 3 club as well. Have also used a Norelco triple head rechargeable, but have not done so in a couple of years.

In the eighties I had a beard for about a year. Proper maintenance seemed harder than just scraping my face every morning. Have been clean shaven for 35 years.