RC Frame - Large Beam on Small Columns

I’m dealing with a RC frame building. There is a RC slab above - 200 mm thick.

RC slab:

Columns supports are pinned.
All connections between column - beam are modeled as a moment connection.
That mean that bending moment is transferred from end of the beam to a column.
Based on spans I think my yellow columns are pretty small in cross section dimensions (300/1000 mm)
I have made some calculations and its barely OK but my gut feeling is not good at all.

Your opinion?

Also - since columns/walls are pretty close together, I think the best way to go is to make continuous footings instead of spread footings connected with foundation beams.

I need RC frame for horiz. loads (earthquake). The beam is 60/60 cm. And, I’m working with Eurocodes and software Tower.


If you are taking horizontal loads you are not allowed to redistribute bending moments.(EC2 5.5 (6))

I would:

  • assume all connections with beams/columns/walls as pinned (and still add upper rebar for the fixing moments), so no frames.
  • use longer walls as cantilevers for horizontal loads. hopefully there is a basements, if not than I would “insert” this moments into strip footings

Above is a snippet.