Recent Proposal

From a recent proposal for a small project. Using logs cabled together to make it easier to descend a steep slope to a beach:

There is a significant issue that has to be addressed. The ‘stairway’ is not code compliant and there is no provision within the code that permits this type of construction. The stairs and deck can be engineered so that they are safe against loading that will be applied.

There is an element of risk because the ‘log steps’ can become slippery with ever present moisture. This can become more slippery in the fall and spring with cold weather. There is also no guardrail to help steady a person using this walkway.

We’ll see how this flies…


Dik - Perhaps if you based the design on recommendations for hiking trail log steps, such as:

Ontario Guidelines For Design, Construction & Maintenance of Trails


US Forest Service Trail Construction & Maintenance Notebook

those documents could be considered a stand-in for a building code for this project.

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Or require either track or golf shoes to use them.

I will make a recommendation to the code committee in the near future.

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Thanks for the info SRE… much appreciated. I’ve since found out that the construction is referred to as a ‘Dutch Sand Ladder’ and consists of PT timbers connected by wire rope. First time I’ve encountered it.

The slope is about 45deg for 200’ and the soil is a sandy clay.


Hehehe… I’ve always been a bit of a magnet for attracting ‘wierd’ projects… it provides life to engineering for me. I have a very low threshold of boredom.