Reciprocating compressor capacity control

We have reciprocating compressor double acting and three stages with four cylinder.we have capacity control 0,25,50,75&100%load also we have fixed clearance pocket capacity control only for two cylinder@75% load clearance pocket is taking action but I observed in control table at 100% there is no action is taken all solenoid valves are deenergize still compressor under’s true at 100% all solenoid valve deenergize and clearance pocket as well as cylinder end , crank end are remain same ?
Please I want your advice

Not sure I understand your question, but typically at start-up/shutdown of unit, the solenoids should be de-energized and the compressor cylinders are in a “unloaded” state. Thus, when the compressor is operating, energizing the solenoids increases the compressor capacity/load by reducing cylinder clearance volume.

Feel free to clarify your question if needed.

Capacity Control Sequence copy.xlsx (9.7 KB)
Hi Dear,
Please check the capacity control sequence I need your clarify .
Thanks in advance

Insufficient information has been provided; without a schematic of the unit, there is no ready means of determining which solenoid valve performs which task. Not only that, but there appear to be more columns for open/close than there are solenoids; what associates to what?