Reciprocating compressor suction pressure control

Hi Dears,
In our plant ARDS we have three reciprocating compressor three stages and double acting.Two
Compressor running and one standby.each compressor has individual spillback and we have common spillback for all compressor.
Suction pressure 20bar &discharge pressure 170 bar.From second stage hydrogen is drown to diesel unit pressure 80bar .we are receiving hydrogen feed from hydrogen plant (two train)
As per logic incase suction pressure goes low spillback from second stage will open to maintain suction pressure if further suction pressure goes low low common spillback will open .I want to give reverse control because if hydrogen plant one trip i will get less of hydrogen I want to save ARDS plant than diesel unit.please can you give me your advice if I will do changes it will effect?

Atmospheric Residue De-Sulphurization, so others do not have to look it up like I did.

Also, @1000zayed does this information go with your other post on reciprocating compressor capacity control?