Recommend After Market Lane Departure Alarms

It looks as if I will be doing a lot of highway driving in the coming months.
Does anyone have direct experience with after market “Lane Departure Alarms”?
Also looking for a good dash cam. Ok if both are integrated into the same unit.

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That will help. grin

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Michigan too. I lived there 2001-2006.

i purchased a Blackvue DR750X-2CH Plus. Video is outstanding and crystal clear. Files are in 1-min length (180MB). I do not use the cloud feature.

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That’s a nice looking unit.
I don’t see that it has lane departure warning. With the amount of driving that I anticipate, I really want LDW.
I found a Garmin 67W. I hope that it does the job.

i was not aware LDW is a feature of dash cams.

see: DASHCAM FULL HD - WITH Lane Departure Warning System & Forward Collision Warning System - YouTube

It appears garmin has dash cams w/ LDW; see: Lane Departure Warning System on a Dash Cam-enabled Device | Garmin Support

More information to sift through:

Good luck!

A follow up.
I went with a Garmin 67W dash cam. It has lane departure, and responds to voice commands.
eg: “Ok Garmin, take a picture”, “Ok Garmin, save a video”.
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.