Recruiters in southeastern states

Can anyone refer a good recruiter for I&C work in the southeastern states? I’m not looking but know someone that is.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll confess:
I just got recruited and switched jobs, so I’ll share my story.
The recruiters that contacted me are called the MICE Group. They are based in Silicon Valley, but keeps contacts around the US and Canada. The initial contact got through my “go away” filter because they were clear and concise about the position they had to fill, and had actually looked at my Linkedin profile before contacting me about it. In this case, they also clearly stated right away that they were just doing scouting for a client, not trying to get me to contract with them, first or any other sort of arrangement. They represent a variety of engineering positions, plus project managers, executives, and other professionals. I must sound like a shil, but this is the only time I’ve every had a pleasant experience with “head-hunters” based in the USA.

Note that, now that I’m working for the new company, I get to see Mice Group from the other side - evaluating the new candidates they put forward for other engineering and management positions that are also open. My colleagues consider Mice the better of the head-hunters they use, and frustrated with the mismatched candidates that the others have put forward in the past few months.

Obviously, these guys get their pound of flesh. Probably 15% of the candidate’s starting salary.

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