Reference sets - bodies not highlighting in Part Navigator

I’d like to use reference sets to control which bodies are expressed.

I’m used to the following behavior: when I open the Reference Sets dialog, I can select one (for example, Model). In the part navigator, selected bodies are highlighted with a blue bar. Using the Part Navigator interface, I can click to select new bodies (i.e. Body (10)), or shift-click to remove bodies.

On my new install, I can click to select bodies and shift-click to deselect bodies in the 3D (modeling) view, but the list of bodies in the Part Navigator window remain unselected.

Is there a way to fix that?



As far as I can tell, you’ve never been able to select/deselect bodies for reference sets from the Part Navigator (in Timestamp mode).
Turn it off and you can select bodies.
See below:

Above is a snippet.