Relieving vs. Non-relieving Regulator

I have a four stage air compressor producing ~3,450psi unregulated air pressure. I have a direct feed to a leak detection machine which requires 2,300 psi. I am using a relieving type pressure regulator. I am experiencing quite a bit of condensation at the regulator at the vent hole. As a result I am also seeing some moisture downstream.

Would a non-relieving regulator eliminate this? If so, is there any negative effect of using a non-relieving regulator?


I don’t think your regulator is the problem. Even if the relief is weeping constantly, the ingress of moisture should be negligible. The flow would need to force its way into a 2300 psi system, which isn’t totally impossible but the ingress would be so slight it would be virtually impossible to measure.

I think your problem is with the compressor dryer downstream of your compressor. Compressed air can’t hold as much moisture so water comes out. This excess water must be removed after compression.

Above is a snippet.