Relocated foreign vessels

Relocated foreign vessels

Please click through the source URL above to read the entire discussion. Member JohnBreen provides an excellent summary of what is needed when relocating a foreign vessel to the United States.

It is not all that unusual to bring a “non-“U”-Stamp” vessel into a jurisdiction as a “State Special”. However, it would have to be shown to the satisfaction of the Chief Inspector that the build quality and Code intent were appropriately met.

For example, in Pennsylvania (before the equipment is installed) you would contact the Chief Inspector (see the National Board web-site for a list of Chief Inspectors) for instructions and be prepared to address the following:

(1) Submission of a request to install the equipment, in a form prescribed by the department, to the department of Labor and Industry, Boiler Section.

(2) Furnishing of mill test reports of material to show compliance with the ASME Code or another code accepted by the department.

(3) Furnishing of calculations and stress analyses showing the maximum allowable working pressure under the ASME Code or another code accepted by the department. These stress analyses shall be certified by a registered professional engineer.

(4) If equipment is of welded construction, all seams that are required to be X-rayed by the ASME Code or another code accepted by the department shall be X-rayed.

(5) Establishment that welding meets requirements of the ASME Code or another code accepted by the department.

(6) Subjection of equipment to nondestructive examination or test that verifies structural integrity.

(7) All tests shall be made under the supervision of a Commonwealth-commissioned inspector or an individual holding

(8) Submission of a data sheet comparable to the appropriate ASME data report form and certified by a National Board commissioned inspector.

(9) If mill test reports, names of welders or other required information cannot be produced, the department may, in its discretion, accept other documentation.

(10) Payment of a special equipment application fee.

(11) Compliance with all other requirements of this section.

If all requirements are met, a “State Special” plate would be affixed to the equipment by an AI. Other States and Provinces will likely have similar requirements.

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